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Entertainment for children at a Wedding

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Children need entertainment at weddings too. The best wedding parties offer some form of wedding entertainment for children. When you open your celebration to guests of all ages, guests don't have to worry about childcare. Children need entertainment at a wedding so that everyone in attendance has a wonderful time. When the little ones are busy, the adults can have fun on the dance floor, enjoy a drink and celebrate your wedding stress-free.

Smiling little girl

Here are a few ideas for making a wedding more kid-friendly:


Children always like to receive gifts. Either as a welcome gift or as a giveaway (with crayons and coloring pages, magic wands, pinwheels, puzzles, snacks, soap bubbles, Styrofoam planes, jumping clay, bouncy balls, clapping hands, spinning tops, bracelets, erasers) Tip:


In Vienna there are a few companies that specialize in wedding entertainment for children. A cheap option is to organize a nanny or babysitter (tip: If you have many younger children, you could set up your own nursery with a qualified nanny. Parents don't have to worry about their children as they will be fully supervised during the event. Make sure the room has enough toys and activities. If you have the space, you can also hire an artist (magician, party clown). Tip:


Children will look forward to the entree if there is at least one kid-friendly option/kids menu on your wedding menu. It can also be fun to add some colorful "mocktails" at the bar, served with a fun twisted or color-changing straw. These drinks are kid-friendly and don't exclude sober adult guests. You can incorporate a kid-friendly candy bar so the kids can enjoy a sweet treat! You can use a candy bar rental or set up your own candy bar. Adults can help themselves to treats too!


Children playing

If you have an outdoor space at your venue, consider renting some oversized garden games for kids, such as bouncy castles, rodeo bulls, (also at table football, slot machines & photo boxes). Young children also find bubbles fascinating and will love blowing their own or set up a bubble machine for little ones to pop bubbles to their hearts' content. A piñata filled with treats and small gifts can also be fun. A mobile petting zoo can also be great for the children: tip:


A kid-friendly fun wedding band or DJ will get your little guests flocking to the dance floor! Oftentimes, DJs can bring out inflatable instruments, glow sticks, hats, sunglasses, etc. to keep the dance floor exciting and entertaining.


Give each child a disposable camera and leave a basket where they can return them at the end of the party and then have them developed. Here's how to look at your wedding through a child's eyes. You can also set up a photo area for kids where they can dress up and take photos by adding costumes. You can also host a scavenger hunt and let the children discover all the highlights of your wedding day while they play photographer. They will have so much fun to discover each item on the list!


Children painting

If there are only a few children at a wedding, a small children's play kit can be made to wait at their seats. You can add picture books, puzzles, stickers, a little craft activity or an activity book. Make sure the tasks are age-appropriate, and that the children can complete them independently. You can also offer handicrafts; set up on an area for children to get creative with simple art supplies to create wedding cards, decorate a cupcake, or make a tissue paper wedding bouquet. Also, have some crayons, markers, art pens, and some coloring books ready. Furthermore, you can build a tent, canopy, or clubhouse. Fill it with some pillows, toys, and maybe even a TV.


Show a movie late at night when the kids get tired. With a projector you can project a film onto an outside wall. The kids can lounge under the stars on blankets and pillows and enjoy some treats while the adults keep partying.

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