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Table decoration without flowers at weddings

There are various reasons why one might choose not to use flowers in the table setting. For one thing, flowers can be expensive, especially when you have a large number of tables to decorate. On the other hand, some guests can have an allergic reaction to certain flowers, which would affect the celebration. Also for aesthetic reasons you can opt for a decoration without flowers to create a different atmosphere.

Tischdekoration ohne Blumen bei Hochzeiten

Ideas for table decorations without flowers

1. Candles

Candles are a classic way to create a romantic atmosphere. There are many different types of candles that can be used, such as pillar candles, tea lights, or candles in glass containers. One can choose candles of different colors to match the color scheme of the wedding.

2. Vintage elements

Vintage elements such as antique vases, candle holders or plates can create a rustic atmosphere and are a perfect alternative to flowers. There are many flea markets or antique shops where one can look for such items.

3. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can provide a colorful and unusual alternative to flowers. For example, you can distribute fruit in bowls on the tables or use vegetables such as artichokes or peppers as decorative elements.

4. Natural elements

Natural elements such as twigs, branches or stones can create a decorative effect on the tables. These can be combined with other elements such as candles or glass to create a harmonious atmosphere

5. Paper

Decorations Paper decorations such as origami figures, paper flowers or paper butterflies can be a creative and inexpensive way to decorate the tables. These can be made in different colors and shapes to match the theme of the wedding.

6. Fairy lights

Fairy lights can create a romantic and cozy atmosphere. You can either drape them around the center of the table or wrap them around the table legs for unique lighting.

7. Photos

Photos of the bride and groom or the guests can add a personal touch to the table decoration. They can be fixed in frames or on a string and distributed on the tables.

8. Sweets

Sweets such as candy, chocolate or marshmallows can be a tasty and decorative addition to the table setting. You can distribute them on the tables in pretty bowls or glasses or even set up a candy bar.

9. Place Cards

Place cards can have a useful and decorative function. They can be made in different shapes and colors and placed on plates or glasses to mark the guests' place.

10. Table runner

Table runners can represent a color accent on the tables. There are many different types of table runners, from plain cotton fabrics to intricate lace designs.

11. Dishes

The crockery used on the tables can also have a decorative effect. For example, you can use colored plates or cutlery or elaborately decorated porcelain.

12. Thematic decoration

The table decoration can also be adapted to the theme of the wedding. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you can use seashells or sand as decorative elements. At a winter wedding you can use snowflakes or ice crystals as decoration.

13. Balloons

Balloons can create a playful and colorful atmosphere. You can use them in different sizes and colors and either attach them to the tables or use them as room decorations.

14. Green plants

Even if you don't want to use flowers, green plants can be a beautiful and decorative addition to the table setting. There are many types of plants that do well, such as succulents or grasses.

15. Confetti

Confetti can be a fun and colorful addition to table settings. You can use it in different colors and shapes and spread it on the tables.


There are many creative ways to decorate the tables at a wedding without flowers. From candles to vintage elements to fruits and vegetables, there are many ideas that can create a romantic, rustic or colorful atmosphere. By adapting the table setting to the theme of the wedding and adding personal elements such as photos or place cards, you can create a unique and unforgettable celebration.


  1. Do you always have to use flowers as table decorations at a wedding? No, there are many creative alternatives such as candles, vintage elements or natural elements.

  2. Is it more expensive to design tables without floral decorations? Not necessarily, it depends on what elements to use and how many tables to decorate.

  3. Do you have to stick to a certain color palette if you don't use flowers? No, you can mix and match different colors and styles to create a unique table setting.

  4. What natural elements work well as table decorations? Fruits, vegetables, twigs and leaves can be beautiful and unusual additions to table decorations.

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