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Summer colors for the wedding 2023

As wedding planner at The WedPlanologist, we're excited about what summer has in store for us.

1. A French-inspired wedding color palette of blue, white, yellow, and ivory

Top colors for summer weddings: blue, white, yellow and ivory, which convey classy and traditional French-inspired vibes. For those couples who want to remain timeless and elegant on their big day. So if you are looking for a wedding color scheme that is both classy and chic, why not go for blue, white, yellow and ivory?

2. A romantic and playful purple and pink color palette

From bold purple to vibrant pink, these bright and vibrant tones are sure to make your wedding shine. And don't forget the classic whites, which serve as the perfect complement to the bold colors, bringing elegance and freshness to your wedding day. Embrace bold summer wedding colors and create a wedding that is bursting with energy and fun.

The choice of summer wedding colors

From bold and bright colors, there are countless options to choose from. While some couples may opt for one of the tried and true combinations, the appeal of a summer wedding is creating something unique.

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