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Micro Wedding - people choose this type of ceremony because they want total intimacy and privacy and enjoy it with their partner without a big event.

Difference between elopement and micro weddings

An elopement is a wedding in which only the couple or only the two witnesses are married, often used to get married as a couple abroad, e.g. Las Vegas – without guests. Guests are certainly invited to a micro-wedding, but only around 20 or less people.

Elopement is often used to describe a secretive manner, usually involving a hasty escape along with the beloved to marry involving few people or no one other than the spouses.

Some view an elopement as a deliberately small and intimate wedding experience to create an authentic experience. Although elopement weddings often only include the couple and the registrar, these days it also often involves close family and friends.

Micro weddings

A micro wedding has its own benefits. First, it's easy and less stressful for you. You don't have to spend money on a lavish ceremony or entertain many guests. The celebration is intimate between you and your spouse, like your relationship is.

You can always have a photographer or at least a cell phone camera to record your micro wedding ceremony. You can also include some petals or flowers, a mini bouquet. There's a lot of room for improvisation and imagination. Such ceremonies can take place in your hotel room, on a roof or even on the balcony of your hotel. Whether you decide to have a mini wedding with your parents or closest friends, micro wedding is a modern way of getting married.

Viennese locations for micro weddings:


Haas Haus Do & Co offers two event locations, each with its own balcony on different levels for intimate weddings over the roofs, which are perfect for small-scale weddings. Civil marriage, dinner and party is all possible with a great view.

Civil wedding and dinner on a smaller scale.

For small weddings, the Clementine glass house can be rented and beautifully decorated.

In the Bristol Hotel you can rent a bridal suite with a view of the opera and the Ring and also have a small civil wedding there.

2. Bezirk

Winter garden for the wedding ceremony and then upstairs in the restaurant with a great view of Vienna at the reserved table.

Get married in an exclusive carriage with a breathtaking view over Vienna at the highest point of the Wiener Riesenrad. Possible number of guests are 2-10 people.

7. Bezirk

Small, fine and elegant, enjoy civil weddings and dinner. If you still want to party, you have everything nearby, e.g. Volksgarten Clubdisco. If you prefer something classic, you have the opportunity to go to the opera with your guests.

The WedPlanologist is happy to assist you.

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