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Duties of the maid of honor at the wedding

Being chosen to be the maid of honor is a great honor, but also a responsibility. If there is no wedding planner then it is the maid of honor's job to help with the decoration and coordination of service providers and guests etc. You are the bride's right hand and support her with the preparations and on the big day. In this blog, you will learn what your responsibilities as a maid of honor are at the wedding and how you can best ensure that the day runs smoothly.

Aufgaben der Trauzeugin /Maid of honor duties

Before the wedding

1. Help with planning

  • Selection of the wedding dress and accessories

  • Choosing bridesmaid dresses, organizing rehearsals, coordinating hair and make-up

  • Assistance with decoration

  • Organize games or similar for the wedding day (surprise for the newlyweds)

  • Organization of hen party and bridal shower

Another task of the maid of honor is to give a speech. The speech should be heartfelt and personal, and make guests feel how special the bride is to you. Write the speech early and practice it so you can speak confidently and clearly on the big day.

Agree with the groomsmen how you want to share this task so they don't both prepare the same things.

On the wedding day

2. Assistance with the preparations

  • Help with dressing putting on jewelry

  • Organization of drinks and snacks

  • Watch out for the presents receive guests

  • Organization of transport and arrival coordination of the ceremony

  • Schedule monitoring

  • Assistance in emergencies: first aid with stretching clothes, procurement of spare parts, assistance with technical problems, providing an emergency kit

If there are emergencies, you as the maid of honor should be on hand to help.

3. Support of the bride

  • Reassurance and encouragement

  • Help with going to the toilet

  • Maintaining mood

After the wedding

4. Clean up and dismantling

  • Dismantling support

  • Organization of gifts and cards

5. Write thank you letters

  • Writing thank-you letters to guests and helpers

  • Help organizing photos

The role of the maid of honor is an important and responsible task that requires good planning and coordination. With careful preparation and a clear schedule, you can ensure the day goes smoothly and the bride has a memorable day.


  1. Do I have to give a speech as a maid of honor? No, it is not compulsory to give a speech, but it is often expected.

  2. How much time should I plan for the preparations? It depends on the size and scope of the wedding, but it's a good idea to start preparing well in advance.

  3. How can I make sure the day runs smoothly?

  4. Careful planning and coordination beforehand, as well as clear communication of all implemented measures, can help ensure that the day runs smoothly.

  5. As a maid of honor, do I have to coordinate the bridesmaids? Yes, as maid of honor, you are also responsible for coordinating the bridesmaids and ensuring that all duties are completed.

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