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Where you can find your perfect wedding dress in Vienna (Austria)

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and the wedding dress is the centerpiece of your look. In Vienna (Austria) there is a wide range of shops that offer wedding dresses. Here are some tips to find the perfect wedding dress in Vienna.

Brautkleid in Wien finden

1. Determine your style

Before you start looking for a wedding dress, you should be clear about your style. Do you want a classic and elegant dress or do you prefer a modern and trendy look? Do you prefer an A-line or a mermaid silhouette?

2. Set your budget

Before you start looking for your dream dress, you should set your budget. Also consider additional costs such as alterations, accessories and cleaning.

3. Make appointments

Make appointments at various bridal shops in Vienna to try out different styles and designers. Call ahead to make sure you can make an appointment and inquire if there is a charge for this appointment.

4. Try different styles

Try different styles, including ones you wouldn't normally wear. You might be surprised which style and silhouette suits your physique best.

5. Pay attention to comfort and mobility

Make sure that the dress is comfortable and allows you enough freedom of movement. You want to feel comfortable and confident throughout the day.

6. Consider the location and time of year of your wedding

The location and season of your wedding can have a big impact on which dress you should choose. For example, if you're getting married in a garden, a light, flowy dress can be a good choice. If your wedding is in the winter, you should choose a dress that will keep you warm.

7. Consider your height

If you're a petite build, you should choose a dress that doesn't overwhelm your proportions. If you're taller, you can opt for a dress with a longer train or a full skirt.

8. Consider changes

It's rare for a wedding dress to fit perfectly. Therefore, plan enough time and budget to have changes made. A good seamstress can adjust the dress to your body measurements and tailor it perfectly for you.

9. Look at the details

The dress itself is important, but the details make all the difference. Note the embellishments, fabric, and color of the dress. Also, choose accessories like veils, jewelry, and shoes carefully to complete your look.

10. Find the right designer

If you have a specific designer or brand in mind, you should look for stores that stock them. Each designer has their own style and characteristics, so find a designer that suits your taste.

11. Search for reviews

It's always a good idea to look for reviews from other brides who have already shopped at the store where you plan to purchase your wedding dress. You can look for reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, or Facebook, or ask for recommendations on wedding forums.

12. Take someone with you

Bring someone to help you find your wedding dress. It can be a family member or friend, but choose someone you trust and who will support you. It also helps to have someone around who can give an honest opinion.

13. Take photos

If you've tried different wedding dresses, you should take photos to compare the dresses later. It can be difficult to remember every detail and dress, so take photos to help you make an informed decision.

14. Think long-term

Remember that your wedding dress is not only for the wedding day, but also for the memories and photos. So choose a timeless and classic dress that will look beautiful for years to come.

15. Have fun!

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be exhausting, but it should also be fun. Enjoy the experience and take your time to find the dress that makes you shine.

Buying wedding dresses in Vienna: The best addresses by district

1. district

The wedding professional offers wedding dresses for sale or rent in every price range. Flossmann leads, among others, Pronovias and Elie by Elie Saab.

The wedding house Steinecker in Vienna offers a large selection as well as a lot of personal care. Here you will find models from the exclusive Sposa Toscana line, as well as Rosa Clara, Marylise, Villais, Guiseppe Papini, Jesus Peiro, Archetipo, Rembo Styling and the Vera Wang Bridal collection.

Modehaus Vondru is the oldest bridal shop in Vienna. The collection includes dresses by Pronovias, La Sposa, ELLIS and Kleemeier. Vondru also offers a sample sale of dresses that are sold off at lower prices.

The fine dress salon has a beautiful selection of wedding dresses from Pronovias, Elie by Elie Saab, La Sposa, Jenny Packham, Valentino, Avenue Diagonal and many more.

2. district

Choosing a wedding dress requires a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Exclusively in Vienna you will find sample dresses by the bridal fashion designer Fan Xia from Munich, Malee from Düsseldorf and the young designer Lilurose from Poland. Based on the designs, your wedding dress will be tailored to you. You can let your wishes flow in, so that a mixture of design work and your creativity is created.

Handcrafted bridal dresses straight from Vienna: The models are available in different style categories (playful, classic, puristic) and all have the princess look. Mid price.

3. district

Bridal shop Teller stocks dresses by La Sposa, Avenue Diagonal, Rosa Clara and Aire Barcelona. When making an appointment, clothes can be put on the online watch list, which can then be tried on on site.

For the brides who want a good price-quality ratio. Each dress in this shop costs 699 euros. The selection ranges from classic to puristic to hip boho styles. Accessories (bridal shoes, crinoline, veil, garter, ring pillow, pearl and hair ornaments, wedding hat) are also available there. Trying on is only possible by appointment.

4. district

Herzverlesen - Saria Stark

You can find everything here: Curvy, A-Line, Vintage, Princess, Fit & Flare, Mermaid or Pure. Dresses with exciting low backs, long sleeves, strapless or high-necked. Book an appointment in advance.​

Fairytale, simple and romantic models with a twist: puristic cuts and high-quality materials. The dresses are divided into three price categories (Pure, Premium, Couture) and can be viewed during an exclusive fitting. In the mid-high price range.

6. district

Monalisa is one of the largest and leading bridal fashion shops in Vienna and is known for its wide selection. Monalisa has wedding dresses by Demetrios, Cosmobella, OreaSposa, Tomy Mariage, Eddy K., The Sposa Group: Miss Kelly, Miss Paris, Divina Sposa by Elianna Moore or La Sposa in its range. Men can also get a large selection of classic and modern suits for festive occasions.

7. district

Atelier 7 has been around for more than 20 years and sells exclusive clothes in different styles. Dresses are stocked by Morilee, MGNY, Rembo Styling, Cymbeline, Villais, Lambert Creations, Raimond Bundo and Anna Kara. Then there are the new collections by Marylise, Sadoni and Tosca Spose.

Bespoke Bridal Vienna is a small tailor shop with many sample dresses to try on. There are many models in the pattern collection that come in sizes 34-38, but of course they also make wedding dresses in sizes 32-42. Mid price.

Even the fantastic interior promises a special fitting. The fitting takes 75 minutes and costs 30 euros, which will be credited to the dress if you choose a dress there. Many of the selected pieces also correspond to the bohemian aesthetic with lots of lace, fringes and light layers of fabric. But there are also classic models. Upper price range.

9. district

Airy, playful, embroidered dresses. Beautiful labels, some of which are exclusively available here, and their own brand of accessories. The fitting lasts two hours, during which the bride, including her companion, is served exclusively. That makes the first encounter with the wedding dress an experience. Upper price range

Handmade silk gowns with a deep connection to the style of the late 1960s and 70s.

15. district

At Heyday (Heymaids' own brand) the brides can combine their perfect top with the desired skirt, which together comes to a price of 1,000 to 1,800 euros. The same concept applies to bridesmaid dresses as well. Heyday also has "one-piece" wedding dresses. You can find vintage-style hair accessories and shoes to go with the tasteful boho-style dresses. Is in the middle price category.

Bridal fashion Stern has been dressing brides with classic to very glittery models from various international manufacturers for over 30 years. Columns entwined with roses and a red carpet add to the princess feeling. Here you can just stop by and try on clothes immediately if it's not too busy. There are really great deals there too.

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be an exciting and emotional experience. However, with these tips and tricks, you should be able to find the dress that fits your dreams and makes you shine on your wedding day. Remember that your dress should make you feel comfortable and it should reflect your personality and style. Good luck finding your dream wedding dress in Vienna!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much time should I allow to find the perfect wedding dress? Answer: It is recommended to start looking for the wedding dress at least six months before the wedding to allow enough time for changes and adjustments.

  • How much should I spend on a wedding dress? Answer: It depends on your budget. However, it's wise to set a budget before you begin your search to ensure you stay within your financial means.

  • Can I buy my wedding dress online? Answer: It is possible to buy wedding dresses online, but it is advisable to try on the dress in person before purchasing to ensure that it fits perfectly and meets your expectations.

  • Do I need to make an appointment to try on wedding dresses? Answer: Yes, it is recommended to make an appointment in advance to ensure that the shop has enough time for you and that you receive a personal consultation.

  • What should I bring to try on my wedding dress? Answer: Bring matching underwear and shoes to ensure the dress fits perfectly. You can also bring accessories like veils and jewelry to complete the look.

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