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What questions do you need to ask when visiting the wedding location?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Wedding decoration in a garden

What questions do you need to ask when visiting the wedding location? You just got engaged and you're thinking: "Where should we get married in Vienna?" You google locations and arrange a few viewings. Not sure what to look out for when visiting a location? Or what questions to ask? That's why I've put together a questionnaire for you, which you can use during your visit.

Wedding Venue Questionnaire ENG
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Wedding Venue:




1. Is our wedding date available? How far in advance do we have to book the venue?

2. Are other weddings or events booked on the same day?

3. Can I have all events (ceremony, cocktail hour and reception) on site?

4. How much is the deposit?

5. What is your cancellation policy?

6. Are there any other fees that are not included in the cost? (Inquire about any extra costs (e.g.: cleaning fee, overtime or tips) and explanations in the contract.)

7. What are the payment terms?

8. What is your bartender/alcohol pricing policy? (Is there a corkage fee or can you bring your own alcohol?)

9. Do I have to use your vendors?

10. When do we need the final number of guests / what is the last possible date for changes?

11. Do you offer a wedding day coordinator? (If so, ask whether there are no additional costs.)

12. What are your decoration rules?

13. When can vendors arrive for set-up?

14. Who is responsible for assembling and dismantling the decoration? When does it have to be completed?

15. Is there a backup location if it rains? (For outdoor venue)

16. Has this venue a barrier-free access?

17. Will there be enough parking spaces? What transport options are there?

18. Are there restrictions for photographers?

19. Do we have to turn off the music at a certain point?

20. When do the guests have to leave the location?

21. Is wedding insurance required?

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