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Vintage car for the wedding

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

There are many bridal cars or wedding means of transport for bridal couples; Fiaker (horse-drawn carriage), VIP limousine, premium taxi or the classic vintage car, which is one of the most popular options at weddings. Vintage cars like these have enormous advantages compared to other vehicles: they are often much more comfortable than a horse-drown carriage and can also be used in bad weather, but they are still something extraordinary.

In Vienna there is Barnea Austria Autovermietung – Oldtimertreff, where you can find the right bridal car that will bring you reliably to your wedding location. It's worth stopping by there, especially for bridal couples who want to get married in a classic romantic style. Above all, one thing is important: it should match the bride and groom and the style of their wedding. Each of these lovingly restored vintage cars is unique and has its own story. Being picked up in such a car is a great feeling and really adds to the romantic atmosphere.

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